Suggestions on exp-gain, character appearance and levelling/switching (second) class

  • Hi fellow guardians and GoE staff,

    after some weeks of GoE I wanted to give some minor suggestions. I know there are issues with higher priority (stability, bugs, balancing) but maybe you can keep them in mind for the future ;).

    1. Exp-Gain

    So the two days of double exp are over and my opinion on it is the following:

    Hell yeah that felt great! It was smooth, fun, rewarding and overall a nice experience.

    But at some point it was almost too fast to level.

    Don't get me wrong I still want the gain of exp to be increased but rather something like 40% for the levels 1-50 and from there on maybe 55%.

    Why 40% and 55%?

    Well from 50 onward the amount of exp needed is increased by a lot and without an exp boost it feels slow, in the levels before you still can level quite fast compared to the range 50-60 . It should not be like that the levelling process is the same from 1-50 and 50-60, there still has to be an increase in time you need, but not that big. So upping the increase from 40% to 55% means you get a ~10% overall increase (140% vs. 155%) when hitting level 50.

    And like I stated before, 100% felt too fast at some point.

    Therefore I vote for an increase but a smaller one.

    2. Levelling Secondary classes and switching primary ones

    Another topic is the second class levelling and the switching of classes!

    I know this has already been brought up by Shugo but I wanted to address this issue again with some more features alongside.

    Right now levelling a second class is kind of a pain, it does not feel any good to be forced to do publics over and over because you don't get enough exp from the mobs and you don't have quests left in late game. So while the process gets more speed when you implement my first suggestion, a constant increase in exp ratio, it still is too slow.

    Here comes my suggestion:

    Give us some kind of endgame currency, like Crystals of Fate, which you can trade for experience to one of your secondary classes at a specific npc.

    Those Crystals of Fate might be a drop in dungeons 52+ from bosses or chest or whatever.

    And another use for these Crystals might be a the option to get more primary classes!

    Same way you get secondary ones you could obtain a slot for a second primary one, switching your fate with the Crystals. But just one more slot per character so you can't get all classes with just one.

    This would give us the opportunity to grind for something and offer us the choice to play more than just 4 primary classes without deleting a character.

    3. Character appearance

    I don't know if I am just blind but so far I haven't seen a shop or npc in the game to change your characters basic looks like hair style and colour.

    What I wish for the game is something like a barber shop where you can change the hair/eyes and some kind of gym for changing the physical appearance.

    For the change you need to pay a little gold fee.

    And one more use for the Crystals of Fate, a npc (lets call him a surgeon ;)) who can change your gender and even your race.

    To get this you might charge us some shards as well on top of the Crystals of Fate, so giving you the possibility to get more money.....but when I say charge us I don't mean 20 bucks, more like 5 to make such a change!

    So these are some thoughts what could be done in the future, where the 3rd point is the least and the exp ratios the most important.

  • Marukal nice post, liked the idea of exp crystals for levelling secondary class to

    I agree the 100% is a little too much exp (apart from event weekends ofc) but when you do the math you realise that the base exp need a minimum of 70% increase from its current state so that your char stays in line with the quests and dungeon gear

    At 40% by the time you hit level 21 you would already be at least 1. 2-1.5 level behind, 2+levels by 28-30 😕

    as I have said plenty of times this is the easiest fix and the one that keeps new players playing as they enjoy levelling smoothly and can feel free to try different chars and classes without crazy time investment, simply turn on the exp buff permanently and issue is resolved then they can concentrate on all the rest 😁

  • At 40% by the time you hit level 21 you would already be at least 1. 2-1.5 level behind, 2+levels by 28-30 😕T

    That is true when you are just trying to play through the game and don't go for public events and dungeons multiple times

    I don't have a problem doing same publics and some dungeons more than once so my last character for example was 2 levels ahead in most areas. But this is just because I played some publics 10 times in a row and did some areas with high mob density over and over. So I got a few levels ahead, then I rushed the next maps till the enemies catched up and till I got another good farming spot to repeat the grind. On top of that it was an Arcanist, those guys are just easy to level with.

    I know this might not be the way to play for others and yes then it needs to be more like 70%. So yeah maybe you are right and 40% is not enough generally speaking. I would be fine with 70% too, just as long as it is increased by something between 40 -80% I am happy ^^.

  • Marukal If you go into each zone do every Public event, dungeon quest and side quest (which means looking all over the map as they don't show until you stood next to them grrrr) you will always be behind the level required from level 10 onwards, take this from someone who has tried this on 10+ chars (builds and theory crafting)

    I have used exp event weekends to level chars to diff levels to see what the grind is like at 20, 30, 40 and 50 after the event and trust me the math is solid, the exp needs a minimum of 70% to stay level relevant and that is by not being forced to grind PQ over and over to fill in

  • Shugo I still say 50% is enough if you do every quest, side quest, public quest and dungeon at least once. This kept me always on zone leven when the 50% level event was live.

  • yh maybe Macknum especially as Buelta open with loads of quests so you can continue after CT rather than grinding 1 dungeon and 2 events continually :)

  • In regards to Appearance, it still baffles me that you have to pay 450 diamonds to transform a piece of gear into a costume piece...

    its 5$ per item, its quite ridiculous, it should either cost gold or be free, i mean its not something that would require money and give you some kind of advantage, its esthetic customisation, the ffact that it costs irl money is insane.

  • would be nice to have the whole skill tree opened at level one, so you could plan your build, and maybe an ability to swap between 2 builds like healing or damage dealer that include a change with armors and weapons, maybe with some kinda wardrope feature