Guardians on Discord

  • Dear community,

    some of you have been asking for an official Discord server where we could have talks about the game.

    We finally adjusted the existing Discord server (used by the previous publisher) to our standards and we are happy to announce that we are inviting all of you officially to join us there!

    When joining the discord channels you need to keep in mind the following things:

    - We will not offer support for accounts on discord channels, for that please contact us through the official support website.

    - Official announcements will still be released on the forum, steam hub and social media platforms and not through discord.

    - Although the full community management team is available there, we might not be very active all the time as we need to fullfill our duties during working time.

    - Do not share personal data such as e-mail addresses or passwords through the discord channels, our team will never ask for sensitive data through discord.

    See you at Discord!

    Your Guardians of Ember Team