Secret Jade / Box Users/ Third Party Programs and More

  • About the rest of suggestions/feedback, we appreciate it.

    KabaI , if you know that some users are using third party software, please use our Support System to report them. In case you also know about the software they are using, also report it, so our Game Team can look into the "issue".

    Game is still in Beta phase since was relaunched with Gameforge as publisher, so everything is under testing phase. Your feedback/suggestions helps us! :)

  • Well the 3rd party software will be any multibox program isboxer sandox hotbox etc...

    But the simple question is...

    Is multiboxing allowed or not?

    Simple yes or no clears up the issue

  • Finet Thanks for reply back. Finally official one. I would love to leave you feedbacks as much as i can.

    The critical factor is i can not detect all of them. Your team should provide our requests by tracking logs then punish these third party software users as soon as possible. But how sad high percentage of the players found this method from months ago and completed their end game sets faster than anyone else.

    I know it is really hard to track intensive data flow in game. Like you told from your previous reply ''Game is still in Beta phase'' i still got a hope you guys could

    Wipe Servers and clean all mess. I really approve and like to start my journey from zero if it happens. But please take precautions before so we can avoid to same things happen.

    My guild, lots of friends of mine are unhappy to see these kind of problems in a classy game. Cause the balance of the game already gone. Even game economy as well.

    IGN: KabaI

    Class: Dark Knight/ Knight

  • Hello Shugo and KabaI ,

    I quote you our Terms of Use, point 4.3

    I hope that answers you :)

    I know that exists several kind of software that is able to do that, but in case you know any, I would suggest you to report it way support system, for in case we don't know yet about that concret one. As I told before, this game is still in Beta phase, so community feedback/help/suggestions are really useful .

    Best Regards,


  • Finet thanks for the TOU posted above, so there is nothing in that prohibits multiboxing then because the sandbox environment doesn't actually contravene any of the terms you have listed above, no more than if someone used 4 laptops or pc's just just joined a party and followed 1 person.


    They are broadcasting keypresses to each screen (which most don't do as they simply use follow)

  • Change it back to before GF took over all crafting mats come from chests in 60 blue and red dungeons didn't matter what the tier 1 or 3 . This way crafting isn't useless and same with mining. Still have secret jade drop from tier 3 make another completely different set whatever is after epic.

    Tiny is right

    change it back to before GF took over, it is easy

  • Shugo   Finet it is exactly a third party software. The funny fact why players are opening multi accounts when the game gives you only one account limit? Games are for fun not for no life farming like robots.

    And Finet they already took advantage by using these. Because it is not many, there are so much players tried it. So what will be next ? They already retrieved their items, golds. Basically they finished the 60 cap Guardians of Ember for now. Can you call this as equality? Remaining silence is like mocking to us. We want a solution way for everyone.

    Dear Finet can you send this thread to your team? We are waiting official announcements about it. Thanks.

    IGN: KabaI

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  • Hello KabaI ,

    As I explainned it on another post, our Game Team is aware of that, you can report those users that used this kind of software to "cheat" the game, our team will investigate it and apply the proper sanctions if are needed. Please, consider that we won't share any progress or decision taken.

    I understand your point of view, but I can assure you that we are working to improove everyday the game.

    Best Regards,


  • Finet

    Why cant you guys just make the items they are farming for bound to the account this way if you have 600 accounts farming this shit it will be worthless as they cant sent to there main account.

  • Hello Tiny ,

    Multi-accounts are not allowed unless the game rules allows exceptions.


    Unless the Rules allow exceptions, the user may participate in each round of an online game (e.g. world, universe etc.) using one user account only. It is not permissible to use multiple user accounts ("multi-accounts"). Gameforge is entitled at any time at its own discretion to block or delete unauthorised multi-accounts.

    And about your suggestions, I've sent it to our Game Team. Thanks for your feedback! :)

    Best Regards,


  • Tiny It is also a temporary solution. But the main point of my view that i want to tell all since my first comment is :

    1- They are already completed their farming process.

    2- The major point is not using third party programs. The situation of in game balance!

    I will try to tell this with a simple way in kinder garden level.

    How do you guys expect from us to drink water by broken glass?


    P.S. I stopped to play until you fix it.

    IGN: KabaI

    Class: Dark Knight/ Knight

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  • This is not a fast evaluation what we are talking about, we are on it, but it is still people behind the screen.

    I read another comment from you Shugo somewhere else about how easy it would be to change things for us (I think it was related to the exp) and I will just use this thread to clarify something.

    Even though the changes like allowing/not allowing multi accounts or increasing exp is on us, not on the developers ( not entirely true, but partially) we still need resources to make sure on our side everything works as intended and that's where the current problem is. Our resources are completely focused as well on fixing the crashes and optimizing the client, it is not only the development team on it so that is why things are going slower than expected at the moment.

    The jade issue you are reporting here was already forwarded to the team last week, but again, it is people behind the screens . :/

    As soon as we have answers for what will happen or how are we going to address this we will let you know. :)

  • Tbh it would actually be nice to see a server wipe and a compensation/thank you pack for all involved in the beta something simple like loot pet and mount

    Unlikely to happen though as it isn't really a beta in anything other than name

  • The wipe wont be considered, we are publishing the game with a different business model, but we are aware this game has been live for a few years and we will not just delete the progress of those who were playing it before.

    I also forwarded to the team the jade issue, but there won't be changes on it for the moment on this game mechanic.