Dual Wield, Normal Attack, Damage bonus, 2019-06-02

  • I thought there was a stealth fix of dual wield, but OH -33.3% Damage only appears to be working upto L10 dark knight. Still -33% from both on the level 57 character. The DK was made a few weeks ago, so believe something changed in the base formulas, but it's still broken at high level.

    Normal Attack tooltip says 50% weapon damage.

    Actual damage looks affected by enemy armor (damage reduction), but is obviously not 50%.


    raw character sheet damage:
    2h: 49

    dual wield: 54

    actual damage:

    2h: 49 => 65% raw

    dual wield: 36~41 => 67%~76% raw

    My L57 has +8% damage bonus from skills and +8.2% general weapons master bonus from item stats.

    2h L54 => 113.3% Damage

    1h L56 => 116.2% Damage <- looks about right

    2h L57 => 112.5% Damage

    Gear resistance does not appear to be a factor.