The Chromacrystal Event

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    All of Olyndale was once strewn with magical crystal shards. Even today, countless fragments lie scattered all over and are just waiting to be discovered and used. Find the crystals and grab a mount and great items!

    Event: 10th July 2019 to 31st July 2019

    Where you ask?

    Go to the New Kud’an marketplace and talk to the NPC Astor Lenny.

    What do I do?

    Your objective is to bring Astor Lenny enough crystals that he can turn into a Chromacrystal Package, which in turn gives you legendary rewards.


    Here’s how to collect the crystal shards: there are two daily quests you can get from the NPC Pioneer Captain at the Glimmerrock Mesa, these are ‘Defending the Front Line’ and ‘Captain’s Orders’.

    Both quests will reward you with 7 Crystal Element Fragments once you complete them.

    As soon as you’ve collected 15 crystals you can place them in the extraction machine, then hand over the extracted crystal to Astor Lenny and you’ll receive the Chromacrystal Package.

    The Chromacrystal Package contains the following rewards:

    • 1x Loot Orb: Chromacrystal Festival
      having the change to get:
      1x Crystal Oliphant (7 or 30 days) and 1, 3, 10 or 15 other Crystal Element Fragment
    • Randomly contains one of these 3 items:
    • 15x Primary Health Potion (Large)
    • 15x Intermediate Health Potion (Large)
    • 15x Advanced Health Potion (Large)
    • Randomly contains one of these 3 items:
    • 1x Teleportation Powder
    • 1x Portal Fragment
    • 1x Bipolar Crystal
    • Randomly contains one of these 3 items:
    • 3x Advanced Hard Leather
    • 3x Advanced Powdered Gems
    • 3x Advanced Whetstone

    Enjoy the Chromacrystal Event!