Maintenance 31.07.2019

  • Maintenance.jpg

    Hello, Guardians!

    On Wednesday, 31st of July starting at 09:00 CEST we are having a maintenance in our servers.

    During the down time the game services will not be available.

    With this update we are bringing a patch to the server with some improvements in the game.

    The full list of changes will be available for you tomorrow during the maintenance.

    Note: the NPCs to exchange the phoenix redemption items will be removed during this maintenance.

    We will inform you as soon as the servers are back online.

    Your GOE Team.

  • Patch Notes


    ·        Zone Map Improvements:

    o   Zone maps no longer need to be discovered and are always visible. This change does not apply to dungeons, where the fog will still remain.

    o   Dungeon entrances are now always visible on the map.

    ·        Added a new chat window for trading. Please note that you might need to re-apply your channel settings again.

    ·        New Dungeon UI:

    o   Accessible through the top menu.

    o   Displays the list of dungeons and your amount of clears.

    o   Allows you to teleport to the dungeon. You must have completed the dungeon at least once post-update before you are able to teleport to it.

    ·        Items in your inventory which you cannot currently use will be more clearly identifiable with a red overlay.

    ·        You can now reposition certain UI elements: Inventory, Character Panel, Crafting Panel…

    Quests and Achievements

    ·        Added a new quest to guide players through the crafting system.

    o   The quest is available from Roger in the Bazaar District at level 15. (Note: The quest will not be available if you've already learnt a crafting skill.)

    o   Completing this quest will grant you experience for your second class.

    ·        Corrected a missing drop for the item “She’Ar’s Letter”, which is required to complete the quest “She’Ar’s Last Wish”.

    ·        The quest “The Message” is no longer required to complete the achievement ”Mire of Scars”.

    ·        Increased the visibility of the starting point for the quest “Mia’s Predicament”. Hint: Talk to the door!

    ·        The initial quest to use the teleporter has been removed.

    ·        Certain portals will now become available with specific quests:

    o   Portal from Rye Ridge to Bazaar District: Opens after accepting the main quest “Frontline News”

    o   Portal from Bazaar District to Upper Town: Opens after accepting the main quest “Frontline News”

    o   Portal from Bazaar District to Slum: Opens after accepting the main quest “Urban Strife”

    o   Portal from Bazaar District to Dwarf Village: Opens after completing the main quest “Great Church Incident”

    o   Portal from Bazaar District to Housing Area: Opens after completing the main quest “Deliver the Petition”

    Misc. Changes & Fixes

    ·        Shadow Trail: Increased spawn of rare mobs throughout the dungeon.

    ·        Fixed an instance of the client crashing while in the “Embergarde Sanctuary”.

    ·        Fixed an issue which sometimes caused no monsters to appear inside the Cathedral Abyss.

    ·        The “Hide other players’ particle FX” option should no longer disable the effects of certain boss attacks.

    ·        Fixed some crafting recipes which were listed under the wrong category.

    ·        Path corrections across multiple areas to prevent the player’s character from falling through the ground.

    o   Areas affected: Cathedral Vault, Arques’ Base, Chaos Temple, Throne of Kings, Temple of Oroyn, Watery Caves, Spider’s Lair, Glimmerrock Veins, Soulless Swamp.

    • Fixed instances of the client due to a memory problem.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from resetting their attributes for free below level 15.

    Known issue:

    When resetting attributes below level 15, you will get a message erroneously saying that the reset failed.

    The item to teleport to dungeons will not be available right after the update. As soon as we bring it live we will inform you.