New Steampunk Sets in Store

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    Full steam ahead! Grab your own pair of epic hawk wings, a free mechanical mount and spectacular new packages.

    Greetings, Guardians!

    We have a gift for you! Head over to the shop and pick up a free mount for 24 hours – let this Punk really make your day!

    Plus we’ve put together three amazing packages to make life easier in Olyndale:

    Ironspine Set with Stone Tiger

    • Gift Pack: Ironspine
    • Chest: Stone Tiger (30 Days)
    • Pioneer’s Ampulla of Experience
    • Phoenix Redemption

    Punk’s Rider Set

    • Punk (Permanent)
    • Equestrian Potion (7 Days)
    • Skill Reset Scroll
    • Attribute Reset Scroll
    • Artisan’s Potion

    Hawk Wings Set

    • Golden Hawk Wings (Permanent)
    • Plunderer Potion
    • Small Repair Hammer
    • Powerful Repair Hammer

    Also in store: the Mount Pack: Punk (7 Days/30 Days) and the Package: Golden Hawk Wings (7 Days/30 Days).

    The bundles will be available until September 5th 2019.

    Happy shopping and see you on the battlefield!

    The Guardians of Ember Team