Summer Ceremony – Part 1

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    Greetings, Guardians!

    We’re proud to present a double-decker summer event. In the first part, your mission is to rescue the oceans and earn epic items in reward.

    Event: 28th August – 18th September 2019

    How it works:

    Visit the NPC Dufas in New Ku’dan. He’ll teleport you to the quest area where you can take part in both the Beach Cleanup and Fish Transport campaigns.

    Beach Cleanup:

    This mission is divided up into three phases:

    1. Clean up: Collect as much rubbish as you can within 3 minutes. You’ll earn a special title for collecting 100 and 1,000 bits of rubbish.

    2. Boss: Defeated the Mutant Sea Monster – it may drop parts for the Ice Machine, amongst other things.

    3. Reward: The beach will be full of Beach Cleanup Chests for 30 days – grab them fast!

    The Beach Cleanup Chests may contain the following items:

    • A random amount of gold
    • Support for the Ice Machine
    • Handle for the Ice Machine
    • Base for the Ice Machine

    Note: The three components of the Ice Machine could prove useful in the second part of the Summer Ceremony – so store them away safely!

    Fish Transport

    In this mission you need to bring 30 fish to the Fish Cart and defeat the Disruptive Mutant Fish.

    Delivering the fish will earn you random items from the following:

    • A random amount of gold
    • Energy Potion
    • Summer Special Bait
    • Shell Fragment

    Note:The Summer Special Bait could prove useful in the second part of the Summer Ceremony – so store it away safely!

    If you complete the two missions “Beach Cleanup” and “Fish Transport” twice each, you can also collect your daily reward from Dufas:

    • 1x Shell Fragment
    • 10x Summer Special Bait
    • 1x Summer Ceremony Invitation
    • 1x Reward: Loot Orb

    Open the Loot Orb to receive one of the following items:

    • Intermediate Health Potion (Large)
    • Melting Stone
    • Craft Whetstone
    • Advanced Craft Whetstone
    • Craft Hard Leather
    • Advanced Craft Hard Leather
    • Craft Powdered Gems
    • Advanced Craft Powdered Gems
    • Spirit Flawless Melting Stone

    If you complete the daily quest 10 times and have 10 Shell Fragments, you can exchange them for the Beach Package.

    The Beach Package contains:

    • 15x Intermediate Health Potion (Large)
    • 1x Teleportation Powder
    • 1x Loot Orb: Sea – this contains one of the following items:
    • Chest: Settler Crab (30 Days)
    • Chest: Settler Crab (7 Days)
    • Furniture Piece: Fisherboat
    • Furniture Piece: Medium-sized Tuna

    Have fun at the beach – and don’t forget, part 2 of this summer ceremony is just around the corner!

    Note: unfortunately this event is currently active only in the EU server. We are working to bring this event to US, APAC and SA soon!

    The Guardians of Ember Team