Event: Summer Ceremony – Part 2

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    Here’s the second part of the double-decker summer event. In the second part it’s all about ice cream, fishing, and colorful orbs. In the daily quests and activities you can win some great stuff – so sharpen your weapons and pack your fishing rod!

    **Period:** 16th October – 27th November 2019

    **Here’s how it works:**

    Visit the NPC Peeta in New Ku’dan and complete the following quests for him:

    Quest: Repair Ice Machine

    You can accept the one-time quest from Peeta to repair the Ice Machine, for which you’ll need the three components of the Ice Machine that you’ll hopefully have collected in the first part of the event!

    You’ll then be able to use the repaired machine to exchange Ice Coupons for  Ceremonial Ice Specialties, which will transform you into a Water Elemental with 2 new skills for 10 minutes!

    Daily Quest: Create Ice

    You’ll also be able to accept the Create Ceremony Ice daily quest to get Ice Coupons.

    To do so you’ll need to collect the following items:

    5x Ice Cube

    5x Fruit

    5x Brown Sugar

    5x Immortality Herb

    You’ll receive the following rewards:

    1x Ceremonial Marble

    1x Summer Ceremony Invitation

    1x Ice Coupon

    Special Activities

    You’ll also be able to accept the Colorful Orbs and Fishing Quest activities from Peeta – provided you pay the entry price. It costs one Summer Ceremony Invitation each time.

    Colorful Orbs: You are teleported to the quest area, where you’ll have 3 minutes to hit as many red and golden orbs as possible. Do so and they’ll drop Ceremonial Marbles, Ceremonial Keys, Ceremonial Chests, and Ceremonial Furniture Chests.

    Fishing Quest: After being teleported to the quest area, you can cast your fishing rod! Catch three types of Tuna and the Gold Koi, then bring them to Peeta and trade them in. You’ll get Ceremonial Marbles for the Tuna, and a Ceremonial Furniture Chest, a Ceremonial Key, and a Ceremonial Chest for the Gold Koi.


    You can trade every 10 Ceremonial Marbles you earn for a Ceremonial Key or an Invitation to the Summer Ceremony.

    The Ceremonial Chests you can obtain in the activities each contain:

    1x Lantern Settler Crab (1/7/30 Days) or 1x Midsummer Koi (1/7/30 Days)

    1x Teleport Item

    15x Potions

    1x random amount of Gold

    Have fun!

    Note: unfortunately the event is only cactive in the EU server.

    The Guardians of Ember Team