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    Guardians, do you hear the fanfare? The Premium Shop is opening its gates and welcomes all of Olyndale’s heroes with some gifts!

    Come visit now and get your free items – including your own Stone Tiger Kit, which grants you a hard-working companion, one who will pick up all your loot for you!

    Get the free items in the shop now – some will be permanently available, but some only till 5th of April 2019. Simply drop by daily and grab what is rightfully yours as true Guardians!

    Also, we have been hearing your feedback and added 2 extra gifts to redeem in the shop for free. You will be able to redeem a skill reset scroll and an attribute reset scroll for free.

    On top of that, we have removed the block on the level 58 DLC quest so now all player can fully play the game up until level 60!

    And last, but not least: the XP progression has been adjusted for the early game.

    Enjoy your looting!
    The Guardians of Ember Team