• Hi

    found more bugs

    -when i go with horse, the horse can stuck, usually in stairs<X

    -the enemies one time go slowly and one time jump in my character face, and i can NOT damage the enemy, while buging and teleporting example a normal wolf ::D

    - missiones on map is not there, example the map show i have mission on next map, but when i go in next map, the map show me, i should go back for that mission:cursing:

    - i can not in game log in to report bug, that tell me, not exist/correct what i write, when i try log in:rolleyes:

    maybe bug and missing maybe not bug, but i can not found where can i invitation one of my friends to join and download this game for reward as in another mmorpg games:thumbdown:

  • - stuck in stairs is a known thing, just jump arround

    - Rubberbanding enemys are a chore

    - Maps show you sometimes 2 points. 1 is where you have to do it and 2 where you have to bring the quest reward to or where you picked up the quest. Read the quest description to make sure where to go... easy ^^.

    - I think this never worked but I may be wrong. I'm pretty sure this bug report tool was linked to the old publisher and was shut down at the start.

  • There are 2 more raritys after Epics (purples) but afaik no uniques or sets.

    Last event was a valentines day and it was simply 50% more xp.

    Well they have to make money somehow.

    Why I made that statement is for many reasons

    If you look at a game that has been on for 7 years I will not mention the name but I will mention that I spent a good 2 years playing that game and spent a lot of cash on it <-- meaning they have a good recipe mostly

    Firstly there is events and unique maps for the said events.

    Then a player can farm progress for the said event lets say for example flowers

    Let me make a setup of an event quick as an example that would work in this game

    {Every monster you kill drops flowers, for 100 flowers drop progress you get a melting stone

    at 300 flowers you get a yellow melting stone and for 500 flowers you get an achievement.}

    Thats a bad example but it would work great in this game

    As for sets in this game I would imagine something like 2 pieces 50% increased energy regeneration 3 pieces 25% increased crit and 4 pieces 25% increased damage.

    Different events with diferent uniques and sets.

    Like in most pay to win games progress could be bought

    Now I know some people frown upon this but its like another upcoming arpgs' developer stated sometimes people are busy and will rather buy progress than needing to farm

    So events and uniques is a must xD

    Pets can be gotten as event progress too

    Or even pet parts and then combining 3 would grant you a pet

    I saw an event in another game other than the one thats 7 years old and I have to say its kinda pathetic

    So the event system I mentioned would work better