• At first when I got that Cat the 7 day pet for free from the premium shop, I summoned it and the 2nd day I looked at it and it was 42hrs left, now there was a maintiance and the pet is gone out of my bag, so there was no 7 day pet in 1 day of use maybe say 14 hrs and the 2nd day logged back in and was cheking this pet out and saw 42hrs left on it and after the new maintainace the pet is gone so my question weres the pet and why not a 7 day , so a bug over another bug, really don't understand why give something for 7 days and after 14hrs there is only 42 hrs left remaing on that pet????? no were near that 7 days.

    I think you guys at least give my my pet back even tho its a trial it still helps me a lot.

    Maybe you put a permanent pet in shop ,or trials ones to buy with those empire coins.

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  • I had no problem with mine. It lasted for 7 days from the day I got it (countdown starts when picked up). Of course, it's 7 real days, not game time, which means that if you reclaimed it during the first day of the shop, it's perfectly normal that it's gone before this maintenance, because it was 7 days ago. If you got it later and he's gone, then it's a bug.

    I agree that the real issue is that we don't have any way to acquire / purchase a permanent one. Now my cat friend left me and I need another one! I'm waiting for the big surprise about the price...

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  • I can actually attest to her statement

    Think she grabbed it on Friday or Saturday and it said 49 hours left, I thought it quite odd at that time and stage.

    She mentioned it in the guild tab, am certain admin can confirm it.

  • When did you redeem your pet? The timer started as soon as you took out of the shop. Maybe you redeemed it and used it 2 days later or something? Anyhow this sounds like it didn't work as intended ^^.

  • It was on Monday , went on the site to take all the free stuff it was sent to my bag and I opened it played a little, maybe up to 14hrs, went to bed woke up and was checking my bag and saw that the cat had 42hrs re-meaning on it and I was like no way, and on the 13 which was Wednesday it was the maintenance , after all completed logged back in to find out the cat was gone, so only used the cat say 48rhs but till 7 days there's tons of time, really disappointed receiving something special for free and not being able to enjoy it, already sent a ticket, they can check my game data cuz im not lieing in game character name is xERIKASx

    "If you don't learn as young as you are, you'll spend the rest of your days complaining about failures."

  • I don't think anyone is thinking you are a liar ^^. I made the observation that somone took his cat out of the shop, redeemed it, and 12 hours later he was shocked that the timer already started and that he lost 12h already. That's why I was asking if you redeemed it early and didn't used it untill some hours were already spent on it. Anyway I'm curious so I would be happy to know how things get handled :).

  • once we have VIP pack ,it is for not only DLC user but also new player's all characters

    ofcouse it is free, automatically added to all characters when created

    it gave us Immortal orb

    Immortal orb contains player base items

    we could get 7days pet and 7days mount... permanent mount etc....

    but they deleted it before this CBT

    not only VIP pack

    they deleted Empire coins shop

    we could get both reset scrool only 100 Empire coins each

    they deleted all player base items and content

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  • They deleted everything that would harm their profit. Makes perfect sence from a publishers point of view but not that much from a players point of view. As i said maaany times: Publishers are far to disconected from the playerbase and milk the people who throw mindlessly money at them. At the current state the game will be laughed at very hard when some content creators realise that this game will be in open beta soon.