Veterans Reward

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    Hello, Guardians!

    We want to thank all of Olyndale’s experienced heroes … with the Guardians of Ember Veterans Reward program! If you created a game account prior to the 2019 Closed Beta, you will be able to redeem a bunch of cool VIP-freebies directly at the shop:

    - 1x Skill Reset Scroll

    - 1x Attribute Reset Scroll

    - 1x Misty Magic Wings (permanent)

    - 1x Gold Crown Crane (30 days)

    - 1x Dragonhawk Baby (30 days)

    - 4x Party Plunderer

    - 10x Team Teleport Powder

    We wish you more great adventures slaughtering the evil and are looking forward to seeing you ingame!

    Your GoE Team