Bug reports

  • Dear community,

    up until now we have been forwarding every single report done in the forum no matter how things were reported, but as the forum keeps growing we would like to instroduce a small guideline to optimice this process. This way we will have all the information needed and there will be no need to keep asking for details on the reports.

    For general reports, please make sure you open the threads with the following information:

    - When did the error happen?- Time stamp.

    - Where did it happen?- Map name/ coordinates if possible.

    - If an NPC or a Mob is involved- Name the NPC or the Mob.

    - Screenshot - ideally a video attached to the post.

    For client crash reports:

    - Send a mail to reports@guardiansofember.com

    - Email of the account.

    - Server where you play.

    - Character name.

    - Attach crash report generated in your installation: C:\Program Files (x86)\Guardians of Ember\CrashReports\_temp (file with the date of the crash).

    - Attach DXDIAG if possible.

    Note: The crash report mails will not be answered. NO support wil be granted through this mail as it has been created only for data collection purposes to identify the issues.

    Your GOE Team