• Hi there!

    I have decided to make a thread to list all the builds that I can find around (mostly via the Steam Guide section or YouTube), some if not most of them might be out of date but we have to start somewhere and still they might be able to give to you a general idea of how a class combo works :P

    Thread will be updated if needed when there are any changes on the builds and of course when new builds are made.

    If you have any build that you would like to be added to the list, any comments on the playstyle (I've added only the playstyle if the maker of the build clearly stated it) or status of a build (out of date, not working anymore...) feel free to post below or send me a message via the forums!:thumbup:


    Second class Playstyle Status Link
    Priest Solo Hard ?? SteamCommunity
    Engineer Solo ?? SteamCommunity
    Priest Solo Hard ?? SteamCommunity


    Second class Playstyle Status Link
    Knight ?? ?? SteamCommunity
    Knight ?? ?? YouTube


    Second class Playstyle Status Link
    Knight or Priest ?? ?? SteamCommunity


    Second class Playstyle Status Link
    Knight ?? ?? YouTube


    Second class Playstyle Status Link
    Own choice1 Solo Farm ?? SteamCommunity

    2018-11-20_GoE_Forum_Avatars_Dark_Knight.pngDark Knight2018-11-20_GoE_Forum_Avatars_Dark_Knight.png

    Second class Playstyle Status Link
    None Leveling Build Updated YouTube
    Ranger Solo Updated Forums

    1: Any class with crit passives or Priest/Knight should you be in need of more damage.

    Last Update: 08.05.2019


    나 어떡해 나약한 날 견딜 수 없어
    What should I do, I can’t stand myself being so weak

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    While I force myself to cover my eyes

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    I need to bring an end to this love

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  • Đ₳Ɽ₭ ₭₦ł₲Ⱨ₮


    Dark Knight/Ranger toxic damage build


    Prestige: 85 points

    Bravery: 75 points

    Focus: 20 points

    Skill points allocation:

    Initial points to gain the skills listed below, then points into crit to 55-60% crit rate and then Bonus damage (can put some into HP to feel comfortable)

    Skill bar I use:

    Shoot to Kill - This is your spam damage and heal use at all times

    Toxic Siphon - heal and a nuke to low health mobs

    Wailing Ring - shield and damage

    Malign Flip - toxic clouds and movement

    Dirty Arrows - AoE toxic

    Venom Blast - use when got groups of mobs at around 30% health for NUKE !!!! similar to imminent demise on dark DK

    Full Miasma - AoE toxic pool

    optional: change skill points to use Cannibal Feast for another nuke similar to Venom Blast (and Imminent Demise on dark DK)

    DK Skill pages:

    Ranger Skill Pages:

    Passive Skills:

    Bloody Order & Off the Hook


    walk through a dungeon grabbing all the mobs (as many as you can handle)

    spam "Shoot to kill" for continuous damage and heal

    Get to dungeon BOSS then NUKE with Venom Blast and any other toxic skills you cba to use

    Shoot to kill skill is for damage & heal all in one skill

  • Đ₳Ɽ₭ ₭₦ł₲Ⱨ₮


    Dark Knight + Ranger for toxic damage build "shoot to kill" ranger skill for toxic damage and heal spam

    • DK Skill pages
    • Ranger Skill Pages

    How about Skill Passives?
    Since some Skills uses the same icons for both directions to skill.

    Toxic Bloom -> Blossoming Blight -> Death March -> Burial

    Critical Hit Chance and Aggro Bonus share the same icon.

    What about equipment stats to focus on?
    All in attack?
    All in weapon bonus damage?
    How about def?

    Since there are a lot new player (like me) I would like to see those kind of information aswell ;)

  • Ocie if you read the post


    Skill points allocation:

    get the skill bar skills you need (listed below) then put every other point you have into crit (max it to 40-45%) and then everything else into bonus damage


    the passives page is there, look at icon look at passive page picture for the skill (DK passives so irrelevant if stuff shares same icon)

    or if you still cannot work it out, again it is in the actual post...


    Passive for both builds are "bloody order" & "off the hook"

    Equipment stats:

    choose your own style on this to suit YOUR playstyle,

    always aim to have all gear to +5 or better

    rune it to suit how YOU play (example: some people want more health, more resistance, more crit, more attack, more crit etc...)

    There is no real right or wrong here but I will share my mindset...

    you can have all the crit and damage in the game but cannot do fk all with it if you are dead 8o

    If you can setup so you can kill anything in nearly 1 shot then go ahead and go glass cannon assuming that is your playstyle, only you can decide this tbh

  • Thanks a lot for your help.

  • yh but the things I dont agree with lightfuzion is that he uses attack speed attribute and attack speed skill points which as we know isnt worth it in anyway, even for the additional toxic cloud just not worth the loss of 30% crit and he uses dual wield which is also a damage loss, hit % loss and has the bugged -33% damage bug (which should only apply to offhand)

    but his vid is good to show how to play the build :)

    although my playstyle just involves walking through the dungeon pulling mobs non stop to the boss spamming Shoot to Kill, never a need to stop and kill off mob packs really on 2* reds

  • AS down to .5sec is worth for the cloud build. The Toxic Renger build isn't energy heavy so you can afford the AS without any problems. Again... it could be a tooltip bug as well and working as intended with the 33% dmg loss.

    Everyone should be able to make up their minds with the informations provided. Look at arcanists that don't skill their dmg attributes and put all points into the crit chance attribute. With that setup you are able to reach 100% crit chance at 300% crit dmg. The multiplyers in this game are a mess and flat dmg should be more needed to do dmg. In my eyes it's stupid to have such setups running and on the other hand no other char attribute can be evolved in the same way. If there is 100% crit why are there some heavy dimishing returns on Armor? If there is 100% Crit why is there no 100% dmg reduction? Every darn endgame enemy can shred your armor into half why isn't there a 50% crit chance loss debuff? Well that's another topic sorry for that but the YT channel is solid that dude managed to do all stuff there was so go for it and ask yourself if the build is for you or not.

  • Hi guys, i'm tryng to level a Holy Priest / Knight build, i'm an anticonformist i know.

    in your opinion what are the stats /skills to focus on...

    i have the last level to repair eventually wrong skill/stat and i don't want to empty my credit card lol.

    Now i'm following this guide but there's no stat, what do you think about ?

    Thanks, :)

    Work in progress: Holy Priest / Knight (15)

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  • I'm actually working on a Priest/Knight myself.

    The stat I'm focused on is Bravery for the Holy Damage with Blood being the second for the Heal/HP. Though I am still working out if its beneficial to have Blood.

    The good Holy skills that work well for me are:

    Priest - Fatal Tide, Torrent of Faith, Protective Fire, Solemn Judgement and Life Emerges

    Knight - Cyclone, Hammer of Immortality, Retribution Aura, Glorious Axe, Protection of the Holy Ghost, Protection of Faith and Jump.

    My knight is only level 22, so once it hits 30 I will be able to say more on the other skills.

    Passive skills I use are:

    Soul Cleaver

    Trial at Dawn

    Son of the Abyss - I sometimes swap this in for the extra damage. With Trial at Dawn, a full stack of Son of the Abyss and Life Emerges - you can have up to 50% increased damage for 15secs on a 18sec cooldown!