Maintenance: 17.04.2019

  • Maintenance.jpg

    Hello, Guardians!

    Tomorrow, 17th of April starting at 11:00 CEST we are having a maintenance in our servers.

    During the down time the game services will not be available.

    We will inform you as soon as the servers are back online.

    More info regarding the patch we are applying will be available during the maintenance.

    Your GOE Team.

  • GOE Patch Notes, 17th of April 2019

    • [New event] Easter in Olyndale – 17.04.2018 until 08.05.2019 (more info later in our event news)
    • [Improvements] Additional localization for all languages
    • [Improvements] New enemy variations have been added to the following dungeon: Ablated Alcove.
    • [Improvement] Increased chance for stronger enemies to appear in the following dungeons: The Exile's Cellar, Abandoned Freight House, Ablated Alcove, Littoral Cave, The Treacherous Hollow, The Hollow Eye, The Abyssal Eye, Abandoned Outpost, Remote Oubliette, Moonshade's Breath, Wolffang Cave.
    • [Known issue] The reward chest from the daily quest “Defeat the Rampaging Rabbit” (“Easter in Olyndale” event) doesn’t display the proper description and name. This will be fixed in a future maintenance. The content of the reward chest is available in our Event news.