Where is the Turkish Support Manager?

  • Hello,

    Turkish tickets to GoE support team during working hours during weekdays, within 24-48 hours, he was answered by the Turkish manager.

    But whatever happened, I still haven't got a reply to that ticket I made last Friday.

    The manager who answers in Turkish, "Crezcent" was on vacation?
    If Crezcent is on holiday, the support manager in English "Cassandra" can help you if you write your problem in English. he can answer. There's no point holding it up.

    Why can't the Turkish support tickets be answered?

    Tomorrow is May 1 and holiday. The answer is still not possible.

    Now, why is there a slow response when you get a quick reply to Turkish tickets?

    Thank you,
    Best Regards.
    Finet   piink   Rocket
    T.N: 17269347

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  • My ticket is open in the system for 96 hours. I have not shared any information that will violate any confidentiality agreement. I just want information. I'm entitled to information, right? If there is a problem with support, these players must be notified. Because: The wait is annoying for everyone. There's no doctor at the hospital and it's like waiting for hours to arrive.

    Example: Our support team will not be able to serve for a few days in these languages. We apologize. shaped.

    If I wanted to complain, I wouldn't ask questions. On vacation? If the Turkish team is on vacation, should we write in English?
    Is the reason why no answer is a systemic problem? as

    Best regards.

  • Hello GevanTR,

    we are sorry for the late response on your ticket but don't worry, you'll get an answer soon.
    Alternatively you can continue the conversation in English if you want. For English we have more supporters which would grant quicker response, if needed.

    Also, if your questions are rather general or you need advise/help with the game itself, feel free to share it in the forum so our Game Design or QA can also help out if possible :) (exception: Account related issues we can not discuss openly due to data protection reasons)