The Greatest Bundles in Olyndale

  • 2019-04-29_GoE_Shop_Assets_30_Apr_design1_960x260.jpg

    Greetings, Guardians!

    Grab two massively discounted bundles from our premium shop, both stuffed with Diamonds and the best war gear money can buy: the Heaven’s Guard Bundle and the Epic Demon Overlord Bundle are packed with premium currency and handy items including the following:

    • White War Horse (Permanent)
    • Dragonhawk Baby (Permanent)
    • Gift Pack: Angel Outfit
    • Leather Clad Smilodon (Permanent)
    • Gift Pack: Demon Outfit

    Enjoy the carnage!

    The Guardians of Ember Team

    These bundles will not initially be available for Steam users.