Global Map needs improvement

  • Hi,

    I'm a recent player and so far I like the game. The only annoying thing I think this game have is lack of information in global map. I'm sure many new players have faced the same situation: you get a quest wich tells you to go to a certain area. Problem is you don't know where to go since you don't see that area in map, global map only shows areas where player have been already. Areas have blinking signs "telling" us where to go but thats too restrictive. Therfore, I find myself sometimes having to ask in global chat "where is...". It's been working, problem is when server have few people and nobody replies at that moment. For example, I have a new quest saying I have to go to Fetid Thicket. I'm in Bazaar District. I don't have a clue wich area is before Fetid Thicket so I can teleport to that area. If Global map showed all areas, I wouldn't have this problem.

    Global map right now isn't global, its a "where have you been so far" map. My suggestion is to improve global map showing all areas.


  • When you are feeding that back try feeding back the following :

    All quests and side quests need to appear on the map permanent not just when you are 3mm away from the quest npc (some side quests are missed and are part of card rewards)

    Public event bosses need to appear on the map when they spawn not when you are 3mm away from them

    All blue dungeons need to appear on the map permanently not when you are near them or they are marked by a quest