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    In theory, the game can be saved. But the performance of Runewaker and Gameforge in this "beta phase" indicates a lot of how their commitment will be in the future. The game is sure to end, it's over in reality.

    Many players, like myself, still hope that a new publisher will take over the Guardians of Ember. And so the Runewaker has a new attitude towards the game. It's happened once, so it's not impossible.

    The game has potential, but it needs a publisher who presses the developer and who has real influence on the game updates. The best option for GOE would be a publisher exclusively dedicated to the game.

    Gameforge is terrible, but the main culprit of the game problems is no doubt the Runewaker.

    Aqui nem o login entra. Diz q a conta ou senha estão errados. Sabe o motivo de estar off?

    Trainees. Amateurism. Lack of professionalism. Inefficiency.

    Name 3 companies in the history of MMOs, where a game went offline for more than 10 hours and no communication or explanation is disclosed?

    I use a defensive weapon (Mace). It has a better overall performance in my current condition. In most cases, in the end-game, it's about how much you support the damage, rather than how much you deal damage. (This rule does not apply to 3-D dungeons.) My mace currently has 2170 raw damage and 2960 defense. It's a great weapon, even for high-end weapons.

    I have offensive weapons 2h (Axe and Staff) where my damage reaches 5,000, but defensive loss does not pay. The frequency of stuns increases, and monsters damage as well.

    I can farming 2-star level 60 dungeons solo, especially in TOK. In practice, there is not much advantage between 1-star and 2-star, with the exception of some runes that are better (King's runes).

    Not worth playing in group in GOE. The strength scaling of monsters against groups is unbalanced/unfair and aggro is bugged.. Most of the time it is more effective to play solo. Unless you play with a top-player (or Insel players).

    I'm going to test a new build, full damage. Ignoring resistances and defense in favor of damage, penetration and critical. But before I do, I'm pretty sure that's not effective. I've read and heard old players commenting about it.

    Surely I need more damage, critic, and other attributes. I need the game to be balanced to achieve this.

    The problem is not me or my char, it's the GAME. I've lost too much time thinking that the problem is in my character, to get me to the conclusion that the problem is the game/GF/RW. In the coming days I'll make epic equipment. And I'm sure the conclusion will be the same: The problem is GF / RW.

    Slade I tried this strategy again. The difficulty/time really is absurd. Especially considering the amount of materials needed to create epic equipment.

    Cutting my body with a knife for a few hours seems to be a more humane torture, than trying to farming these materials for months at the risk of being a victim of random factors/RNG.

    The suggestion to facilitate the 3-stars dungeons and improvement jade drop rate was already made months ago (aprox. 5-6 months). Before I even knew the game. It has already been ignored/refused by GF & RW.

    1º Boss (Lurch) = 6-8 min
    2º Boss (Schackit) = 10-15 min
    3º Boss (Arques) = 20-25 min

    PS: Not counting dozens of deaths and especially crashes and other bugs.

    PS²: The game has been removed from Gameforge's gaming portal. Before the game was present in the portal. Curious fact!

    Slade What are the SA server players who can farming secret jades? Do you have prints/videos or any information to share?

    Or rather, by restating the question, how long does this player take to defeat the 1st boss in the 3-star Arques base map?

    I have not played for aprox. 2 months. Yesterday I uninstalled the game definitively. I gave up after realizing that I could do any level 60 dungeon with 2 stars, but it was impossible to effectively jade from level 52 maps (Base Arches) 3 stars. I've never heard of a single player on the servers created by Gameforge who are capable of soloing only secret jades. Mainly because of the difficulty that Gameforge has added to the dungeons. Only old players of the Insel Games era were capable, as they lived in a more balanced age. I was curious now to read what you said.

    On the map Arques Base, for example, to get to the 1st boss I took around 10 minutes and with great difficulty.

    Tbh the major problem is drop amount of jades. 15 for each boss is not enough.

    The major problem is not the jade's drop-rate. The biggest problem is getting drop jades.

    Only 8 players (average Insel players active) can drop jades, they are the players of Insel Games. If there are more than 8, they are players who have been helped by these 8. On the new servers released by Gameforge, I've never heard of a single high-level player who can make jades. :D:D:D

    Al aire libre

    Dejen de ser tan llorones no deben tener ni items 58 full, si me equivoco mandame foto de tu equipamiento si no te digo como progresar rapidamente en el juego papu y hace cuanto que juegas ? debes querer tener todo full en 1 semana, ponete a farmear tranqui y disfruta el juego deje de reportar tonterias. :pulgar arriba::mal:

    Stop talking nonsense. Go search about the game and also about the rules of the forum. You are in an English section. Oh, and the game is not in beta. If there is anything in "beta" here is Gameforge and Runewaker.

    Deja de hablar tonterías. Vaya a buscar sobre el juego y también sobre las reglas del foro. Usted esta en una sección en inglés. Ah, y el juego no está en beta. Si hay algo en "beta" aquí es Gameforge y Runewaker.


    All these problems you mentioned go against the greatest of problems: the difficulty of 3-star dungeous /crafting . Imagine that all the other problems you mentioned were solved, however, after a few weeks, players would encounter the ultimate problem of 3-star dungeous difficult.

    I may be wrong, but I do not know a "Gameforge" player who can do 3-stars dungeons. Only Insel players can do these dungeons, farm secret jade and other materials needed to improve. The only exception would be Gameforge players who were aided by former Insel players.

    Now speaking about groups you mentioned, the group experience is also not satisfactory. Playing in a group does not make farming easier, apparently the mobs power scale according to the group power. Most of the time, it is easier to play alone. Well, my experience was like this. The only exception to this rule is when the group is made up of very strong players.

    They do not reply because the answer is negative and this will further counteract the community. If there was a positive/encouraging answer, obviously they would do it quickly.

    The best form of protest and criticism you can do is to stop investing real money in the game. And later, when the game finishes, avoid getting involved with Gameforge/Runewaker games.

    I'm not particularly interested in any Gameforge MMO except GOE, in which I thought there was potential. Gameforge can do the worst, with the best it has. :/

    staff I know they are all impatient but we will give the company a little more time to show the service. I'm really enjoying the experience in this game I hope the company can manage the game well. Increase XP !!! or do more XP events.

    You're probably new to the game, maybe it started in the last 10-15 days. At this stage the game is wonderful. The first 30-40 days are amazing. Welcome to Chaos!

    Quote from XombiVyriz

    so stop crying its not improving at the rate you want. the game is amazing has its bugs but thats to be expected this is going to be one of the best games out so suck it up and deal with the [[[{{{_BETA_}}}]]] all the years of experience you have huh still dont know what beta's are thats sad.

    The game is not in beta. It was launched in 2015 and in january 2020 will complete 5 years of existence. At this age, the game should already be at a more consolidated stage. Bugs always exist, but not in the amount and gravity in the Guardians of Ember. and the balancing problems aggravated by Gameforge are huge.

    The only "beta phase" of the game today is the transition from the "buy-to-play" model to "free-to-play".

    It is important to remember that he has always been "free-to-play" in his home country, Taiwan.

    Quote from XombiVyriz

    yup you are still here..... meaning you know its worth it...... so stop crying its not improving at the rate you want.

    Despite my recent comments and my negative review, I do not wish the game to end or that Gameforge shuts down the servers. I have no power to change the game. The only thing I can do, just like any other player, is to give my opinion and feedback.

    I'm not crying, I'm just frustrated. I knew the game, initially thought it wonderful, I decided to start creating content about the game, but after playing a few months came to the conclusion that the game is not satisfactory.

    Quote from XombiVyriz

    when you type like you are bashing a game its just that not assistance in seeing what's wrong. and I can code in multiple languages how much coding experience do you have to say they are slow. so let me reiterate. they are not a big name company with coders galore and unlike most big names it will take a considerable difference in time back in the day it took years b4 you got an update or even maintenance. why?

    Where do you see evolution? Where do you see growth? Where do you see improvement? Where do you see the future?

    In the last 3 months I've read everything you can find on web about the Guardians of Ember. Everything that was created and released from 2016 until today. Updates, game engine, publishers, developers, complaints, events, bugs, suggestions, feedbacks, everything. My opinion is not about someone crying, I researched and tested to be able to speak. This is not a sponsored video. This is not a fake review. If you say you understand "codes", you would know that with a few hours of dedication the team responsible for the game could already take the first steps to make it better. Bigger things have been done in less time. There is no need for technical knowledge or expertise in any area to know about it.

    Some suggestions in Shugo post would not take more than a few hours to be put into practice. And most of them were already done months ago.

    I do not have anything else to add. My feedback I already gave in the topic mentioned by Shugo .

    Play MMO's for over 10 years. I believe most of the players are here too. From this experience, we can understand the profile of publishers, developers and the community/market in general.

    The game has potential, but the DEV/publisher does not. To be nicer, I'd say they're slow. A simple question would answer most of the questions: Why play GOE and not some other game? Why wait till the game gets better?

    The game became free. He had new servers. New languages. He had a huge publicity campaign on the web. There were results? Was there acceptance? At least "hype"? The numbers and the community gaming experience itself show that it does not. In general, "new" games have an expected growth curve, of which the GOE does not fit. He had no ups and downs, an oscillation. It started small and is only falling.

    Even if Gameforge gave all the store items to the players. Even if it facilitated all possible difficulties of the game. That would not save the game. He is dead, he is already condemned. The market does not wait. The players do not wait. Simply because there are options and every minute new ones come up. This is my biggest frustration. Any changes that Gameforge makes will only keep current players, but will not increase the player base. The game does not provide a good experience in the short time and can not even "sell" that image.

    I'm not being pessimistic. I'm being realistic. I'm still playing. I even finished the Easter event. Posting videos about the game. But I will not lie to myself and not even sell this lie to other players. I am looking for a new game, my PC and my money in the wallet limit my options a lot. Meanwhile I'm still here!

    What exactly do you mean with "difficulty level of red dungeons changed"? As far as I am aware, there was no change.

    A question with all respect: Do you play the game? Are there any QA team and game testers playing in the game? Do they play the game?

    The first step in solving a problem is to admit it.

    About the update today, have nothing to comment. I give up!

    I do not think leveling is a huge problem. I think the biggest problem of the game is the serious bugs (crashes), crafting system and 3 stars dungeons difficult .

    In South American server for example, there are dozens of players at the maximum level, but there is no player capable of facing the 3 stars dungeons and consequently can not evolve. The server is stagnant, there is a wall of absurd difficulty that prevents the player from growing at any given time.

    I think I have one of the strongest characters on the server SA (new server), I can currently do TOK (2 stars), but I am unable to do a level 52 dungeon (3 stars). I'm frozen at a stage of the game, and the game itself keeps me from getting better. I currently play the game just to do quests for the Easter event and then I quit. ;(

    I agree with part of everything that was said above. I have thought several times in create a topic like this, but my limited english has prevented me.

    I like and believe that the game has potential, but analyzing its entire history since 2016, until the stage in which Gameforge took over, this is a game already condemned (for various reasons). In my vision, Runewaker is a failure as a developer and Gameforge as a publisher does not have the size and efficiency needed to reverse the weight of the DEV. Runewaker delivered a huge problem for Gameforge. And I think that the publisher does not have the required level to "support" this problem.

    Currently I am unable to recommend this game to anyone. I'm afraid to compromise. I let people decide for themselves.

    I'll keep playing, login sporadically, but if it's to make a prediction: Guardians of Ember will not know the year 2020. Unless a miracle happens! To be more precise, I believe Gameforge will discontinue this project.

    I hope I'm wrong... and that everything gets better.! ;(