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    GL Tiny I left here 2 weeks ago and tbh no regretted it one bit, playing POE and can see exactly how a game should feel to play, levelling always in the correct zone, correct quest, correct equipment for level and smooth as silk, not the janky mes syou got to put up with here

    The reason I left is simply that GF really DGAF, they have ignored 99% of feedback always have an excuse to hand and the DLC isue just proves that they lie through their teeth

    so Gl to any who remain here, doubt you will see anything change i nthe next 6 months and barely anything changed in the initial 5 month lol and before a CM quotes the "lookback at changes" postm you do realise that 3 of the items you marked as fixed were still broken when you made that post lmfao

    anyhow goodbye all and goodluck, you'll need it :D

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 It has taken them 5 months to finally say they are not replacing a the Dlc items from prev publisher despite saying they would from day 1 of take over

    Lmfao glad I left to play POE now, popped back on forums to see where things were heading and 70 unresolved posts in the bugs forum alone with all the issue that been here since the start

    Optimising the game my ass lmfao

    Enjoy whoever left playing here as I am glad I dropped this game tbh, has potential but the devs don't 🙄😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    ok how about...

    Priest - great sub-class, below par main class (read nodes and passives information is all right there)

    That has nothing to do with the skills though. You're just dropping statements, with no discussion on the why. Again this is discussing the skills of the class...

    Which priest skills would you recommend and why? What works better for you skill wise as a sub-class. Why a sub-class over as the main class? Is it due to the passives, skills.. like what?

    Ao basically you either look at the wiki (all skills there) or look at the K skills page and ALL nodes readble there too

    Like I said it's your time to waste but really really pointless imo, anyway enjoys yourrself with this lol

    Knight = physical and holy damage

    Dark Knight - Dark damage and toxi damage

    so basically... king = shiny damag,,, Dark Knight = dark dmg

    I am 100000000000000000000000000000% certain that devs need to do a shitton more work to actually make the game playable and enjoyable rather than change a class name that pretty much explains the class

    I love half assed theorycraft and math 8o8o8o8o8o try putting 100 in focus for 100% block chance... guess what... you won't even be close to 90% lol

    here is an idea...

    how about look at your block chance on equipment each time you add a point to focus ? oh thats right it reduces because of DR

    how about look at your block chance nodes each time you add them after filling in focus? oh thats right it reduces because of DR

    0 focus - 1% block chance node = 1%

    10 focus - 1% block chance node = 0.8%

    20 focus - 1% block chance node = 0.7% and it carries on reducing point by point

    get the picture???

    or to put it very simply in big writing with crayons so it is easy to understand...

    the HIGHER BLOCK CHANCE% you have the MORE DR is applied to each increment of block chance % added

    that is why at 70 focus = 74.7% block chance with all block nodes (which if they didnt have DR would mean your block chance would be 115% not 74.7%) on dual class kn/pr) a 15% shield only gives 4.7% block and NOT the 15% stated because of ... wait for it...wait for it... you know it's coming...

    Diminishing Returns

    So how hard is it to understand DR?? it is bascially the ONLY stat mechanic in game, no soft caps, no hard caps, no slamming to push anything other than crit dmg/HP, just pure unadulterated DR and it starts from the very first point you put into ANY stat apart from crit chance.

    The math is there, the proof is there in game, it has been pointed out for month, and over month later still NOTHING from Mecharin

    enjoy your day :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    the ONLY flat stat in game via attributes is Critical hit Chance


    1pt =0.2% crit,

    2pt =0.3% crit,

    3pt =0.2% crit,

    4pt =0.2% crit,

    5pt =0.3% crit

    then continues as 0.2%, 0.2%, 0.3% with every 3 points with NO DR

    which is how block chance SHOULD work but surprise surprise it doesn't despite having flat stat markers in game and nodes... go figure

    Summary, some skills are good, some are bad, some are mediocre

    Same with every class tbh because it is a dual class game and the idea is to synergise between the dual class to create 1 solid build

    Pick main class via passives, decide damage type then pick secondary class that fits & choose skills that synergise = build done

    Listing each skill good or bad is kind of pointless imo as you can read from skill nodes what is decent or not but it's your time to waste I guess 😂

    AdventureApe I have 75% block chance and 79% block power and it certainly blocks more than 55% of attacks :) had to turn off passive to try it though as it just kills the mobs when they hit me lol guess I could do a 1000 attack parse to see actual %

    tbh I am not going to contribute anything further to mechanics or theorycraft as I am barely playing now (for all the reason in my signature) and not once has a dev commented on any of this and there have been a few people breaking down mechanics since Jan, I am one of the few left contributing as the rest have left the game


    I am still waiting for a reply from Mecharin regarding the DR to Block which is stated as a flat stat in both nodes and equipment when clearly both are subject to Diminishing Returns from 15% onwards and subsequently directly affected by points into focus (example: by level 60 your 15% block equipped shield renders 4.7% block with 70 in focus)

    Also still waiting on feedback from Mecharin regarding the damage calculations I put up months ago to help playersto calculate the math behind damage

    Also still waiting on feedback from Mecharin regarding the dual wield bug which applies the -33% debuff to both weapons in the math of damage calcs

    and still wondering why "attack speed" in focus (not on weapon thats totally different) only renders cooldown reduction for lmb/rmb skills and not aadvanced skills

    however, I'll answer AdventureApe to help him :)

    From what I can see there are no Soft caps or hard caps in this game the mechanic of stat points (both in C stats and nodes) are built against diminishing returns so as all formulae are multiplicative and not additive then it is subject to maths to work out beneficial stat points against DR

    base math behind Damage calculation ( not including skill multiplicatives or crit) < read this thread for the base math behind it

    tl;dr version is -

    non-crit - base damage* weapon damage multiplier(says attack speed on weapon go figure)*base stat damage (blood/bravery)

    crit - base damage* weapon damage multiplier(says attack speed on weapon go figure)*base stat damage (blood/bravery)*crit damage multiplier [min 200%]

    So you can sweet spot 90 prestige and then 90 into your damage stat and that a pretty safe build nd caps, tbh the game is FAR more crit dependent than direct gains BUT it all about multiplicative boosting, so on most of my chars I ran 85 prestige, 75 bravery or blood and 20 focus (30% block makes a reasonable difference to 15%) and as a by product you get a slight cd boost on lmb or rmb (depends on build as main white damage)


    There is never any point to run ALL stat damage (blood bravery) or all crit (prestige) example

    non- crit, full stat damage = 1000 base damage * 120% weapon (1.2 attack speed weapon 2h Axe or 2h gun)* 170% stat damage = 2040 damage

    crit, full stat damage = 1000 base damage * 120% weapon (1.2 attack speed weapon 2h Axe or 2h gun)* 170% stat damage* 0% crit * crit dmg multiplier= 2040 damage

    non- crit, full crit damage = 1000 base damage * 120% weapon (1.2 as wpn 2h Axe or 2h gun)* 100% crit damage (which is actually about 90% never guaranteed) = 1200-2400 damage

    crit, full crit damage = 1000 base damage * 120% weapon (1.2 as wpn 2h Axe or 2h gun)* 100% crit damage (which is actually about 90% never guaranteed)* crit dmg multiplier = 2400 damage + crit damage multiplier %

    non crit, half stat, half crit = 1000 base damage * 120% weapon (1.2 as wpn 2h Axe or 2h gun)* 130% stat damage* 100% crit damage (which is actually about 90% never guaranteed) = 1560-3220 damage

    non crit, half stat, half crit = 1000 base damage * 120% weapon (1.2 as wpn 2h Axe or 2h gun)* 130% stat damage* 100% crit damage (which is actually about 90% never guaranteed) = 3220 damage + crit damage multiplier %


    Everything is subject to DR apparantly although devs seem loathe to confirm or unable to confirm (math is there, I did it 2 months ago!)

    I have pushed 127% stun resist and still got stun because the stun mechanic is 2 fold, 1. direct stun skill from mobs or 2. apportioned damage received in a 2second period, either one of them can stun you and ofc mob level vs own level gives a stright reduction in stat vs mob too

    example: at 127% you will 99% not been stunned by scenario 1, but if you have 40 mobs in a group around you, you are receiving 40 amounts of dmg per second (simplied, as it more like 28-32/40 but I digress) so there will be a point where you are likely to be stunned purely from [damage received in time period]

    TL;DR - no soft caps, no hard caps, EVERYTHING appears subject to Diminishing Returns from base stats onwards - above is the math behind it maybe Mecharin will actually confirm it at some point (don't hold your berath though as I put all this up months ago in guides an not a word from any dev lol)

    AdventureApe good on you for asking the questions, I will answer with the bits I know about the game here and there but currently retired to POE as got tired of banging my head against a wall here as devs ignore the base issues that causing the loss of playerbase the majority of which happens by level 30-40 lol... hmmm wonder why ??? (hint: answers in my signature)

    Do the cathedral abyss instance and use the dark magic you get from there to upgrade your chosen crest of flames

    That's the tl:Dr version

    piink thanks for the namedrop and clarification :) but what I am alluding to is that whilst it is fantastic that GF are trying to develop the game and push optimisation and of course using all resources to that goal, you still need a growing playerbase to make it all worthwhile and the ONLY time you see this is when the exp events are on and people can level at a reasonable pace and avoid all the exp plateaus and brick walls.

    so yes I do think it is an easy fix relating to the exp, no more difficult than an "exp event" which is a literal push of a button... only make it permanent, let's not forget that we had a 50% exp buff from Jan to March until GF made the decision to turn it off... in that time never once did anyone post to complain about or mentioned leaving the game from levelling boredom, frustration or annoyance, only bugs and issues were the cause which are slowly but surely being resolved.

    so yes it is simple... turn on the 50% exp buff again and LEAVE IT ON, issue resolved, not impinged on the optimisation scedule for more than 30 seconds

    Finet thanks for the TOU posted above, so there is nothing in that prohibits multiboxing then because the sandbox environment doesn't actually contravene any of the terms you have listed above, no more than if someone used 4 laptops or pc's just just joined a party and followed 1 person.


    They are broadcasting keypresses to each screen (which most don't do as they simply use follow)

    Yes but the thing you are overlooking is that the exp issue literally takes 30seconds to fix and GAMEFORGE are in control they don't have to ask runewaker to turn on a buff

    Everything else coding fixes etc... they rely on runewaker to resolve, there is no reason whatsoever not to implement the buff as it does not impact on any time to be spent "optimising" aside from the 30 seconds needed to turn the buff on lol

    Basically just any old excuse to dodge the exp issue despite months of feedback regarding EXP, levelling issues caused by plateaus and hemorrhaging players but hey their game their call I am sure the 20 people left will enjoy it when it finally optimised, but they won't be playing any alt chars lmao

    The evidence is there, when there is an exp buff you can see just how busy the servers become as people are enjoying the levelling, when it is finished it becomes a near wasteland again, I have seen over 200 people leave this game in 3 months and the majority of those were new players who basically gave up with the levelling plateaus

    For all of the "optimising" talk, GF could spend 30 seconds at maintenance to turn on 50% exp for a month (if they wont do permanent) then carry on optimising, not exactly having to put any effort in really is it turning on a buff...

    TBH I think people should be allowed to multibox doesn't affect anyone, not exploit involved in doing so and tbh most games allow multiboxing but do not support it

    I can understand the concerns but if people are enjoying the game either solo or in multibox environment then what difference does it make really? there is no open world PvP, nothing but a gear grind at end level so imo people should be allowed to enjoy the game as long as not client modification or exploits are involved