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  • Chento

    Replied to the thread Erster des Tages.
  • Xardus

    (Quote from Tiny)

    Tiny is right
    change it back to before GF took over, it is easy
  • Tiny

    Cant GF just make the farmed items bind to account ?
  • Finet

    Hello Shugo ,

    It's not allowed to use third party software to gain an advantadge against the rest of the players. This includes bots, mods, cheats, hacks and other tools.
    I hope now it's a bit more clear :)

    Best Regards,
  • Skrappycoco

    Wrote a comment on Melione’s wall.
    Wall Comment
    Игра не запускается
  • Shugo

    Finet thanks for the TOU posted above, so there is nothing in that prohibits multiboxing then because the sandbox environment doesn't actually contravene any of the terms you have listed above, no more than if someone used 4 laptops or pc's just just…
  • ajmcice

    Replied to the thread Shop Vorschläge.
    Ich finde es sehr schade das die Inventar und Lagererweiterungen so verdammt teuer sind.
    Fast 5 € für eine erweiterung von nur 8 Slots finde ich nicht so schön.
    Wenn schon Mounts und Lootpets im Shop sind dann sollten sie auch permanent sein und nicht…
  • SmilingRat

    Posted the thread Launcher Account Bug.
    Hi, an acquaintance of mine has a problem. He starts the launcher but in the screen where he has to enter his credentials he can't interact with any email bar or password. Any solution?

    Also sorry for bad englando.;)
  • Nick

    Replied to the thread Info per chi inizia.
    Ciao a tutti
    mi scuso se non sono nella sezione giusta.
    Avrei un problema non mi parte il gioco.
    Ho scaricato il gioco di 7gb circa dal sito ufficiale e fatto partire dall'icona salvata sul mio desktop.
    Una volta caricato mi esce una freccia bianca con…
  • Finet

    Hello Shugo and KabaI ,

    I quote you our Terms of Use, point 4.3
    (Quote from Terms of Use)

    I hope that answers you :)
    I know that exists several kind of software that is able to do that, but in case you know any, I would suggest you to report it way…
  • S35

    Replied to the thread Нет CD диска.
    Это сообщение появляется редко.
    По проведённым мной опросам среди других игроков, у них данная проблема была, но тоже не часто.
    Игра требует вставить компакт диск и не находит файлы запуска, хотя если пропустить, или отменить, то она запускается.
  • S35

    Replied to the thread Insert disk ....
    This problem is rare, but not only for me ;)
  • Shugo

    Replied to the thread XP Bonus & Feedback.
    Yes but the thing you are overlooking is that the exp issue literally takes 30seconds to fix and GAMEFORGE are in control they don't have to ask runewaker to turn on a buff

    Everything else coding fixes etc... they rely on runewaker to resolve, there is…
  • KabaI

    Finet Thanks for reply back. Finally official one. I would love to leave you feedbacks as much as i can.

    The critical factor is i can not detect all of them. Your team should provide our requests by tracking logs then punish these third party…
  • Paramagic

    Replied to the thread XP Bonus & Feedback.
    To be honest, I currently don't care about exp. I'm only Lv55 at the moment but I cannot even enjoy exp because I crash so often. Maybe if I ever reach end game I will care for exp more then.

    But for now, I would love it if they can fix the crashes and…
  • Paramagic

    (Quote from LochnorEsterner)

    Have you tried to abandon the quest and redo it?

    Also can try logging into Support > here < and submit your bug issue to see if they can do anything else.
  • oxox420

    Replied to the thread einfach NUR noch lächerlich.

    Schönen guten Tag, hätten sie mal auf ihre Email geschaut, hätten sie mitbekommen das Paypal schon lange eine Aktualsierung ihrer AGBs vorgenommen hat, in diesen können "Sie" entnehmen, das durch wiederholte nicht einhaltung einer…
  • Shugo

    Well the 3rd party software will be any multibox program isboxer sandox hotbox etc...

    But the simple question is...

    Is multiboxing allowed or not?

    Simple yes or no clears up the issue
  • Finet

    Liked piink’s post in the thread Help me !.
    Like (Post)
    I sent the issue to the QA team, but we need more info about it.
    Did it work after the last maintenance or you didn't manage to open it after?
    Is it random or it always happens?
  • Finet

    About the rest of suggestions/feedback, we appreciate it.
    KabaI , if you know that some users are using third party software, please use our Support System to report them. In case you also know about the software they are using, also report it, so…