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  • howe long wil it take til i can get online im stil not geting in game

  • Mate is random dc repaired? when we do dungeons?

  • Hi sir I whats the event that was mentioned in the mantiance ? I don't see anything different in game.

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    1. hi piink, any information about the duration of maintenance?
  • Hola, van 11 hora sin server.... alguna respuesta ?

  • Hola recien entro de nuevo, descargare el juego una vez mas, y chekeare eso de ver la carpeta crash report. Que injusticia esto que esta pasando, teniendo los requisitos minimos y ni arranca, sin darte una idea de porque, no error nada, inclusive como administrador ni arranca.

    A ver si esta resulta.

  • hey i have problems with main quest destroy the poison dispenser units . im stuck at it for 12 hours already . i tryt forums but nothing works . i did all the dungens 10X and stil nothing .

    i m so lost .

    deleting my character and start over ?

  • hejka Panie administratorze

  • Pi 3.14 Ink Blue or Black? Not to insult, just a joke.

    Anyhow I am a Diablo 3 Player, and looking to Season 17. I am sure all that have made their MMOARPG got to wonder why Diablo 3,; and not us? The reason has been the endless grinding that happens in Path Of Exile, Wolcen, and that is just a few. Diablo 2 had its hey day, and so did Titan Quest. But these games are portrayed in Path Of Exile and Wolcen. The thing with Diablo 3 is level 70 cap and then Paragon levels to improve character play, and yet it was not fun at all. The fun starts when you get to level 70 in Diablo 3; the reason is your timed and your clock runs down from 15 minutes. Wolcen might see this or not, and same with Path of Exile. Speed running becomes more popular by the day, and yet Path of Exile players need to agree they like the feel. Take for instants the Wizard from Diablo 3 teleports across a lot of map fast. Then the Demon Hunter has only movement on ground with obstacles in the way. The thing is Demon hunter got faster than Wizard, and turned up on our announcement as the fastest solo player. I did not play Diablo 3 because it was cartoon like to others. In all hopes I hope you live up to that speed run feel. Here to Guardians of Ember in hopes of honor. I came to this game for fun... Cheers!

  • Is there any chance for the game to be on Steam?

  • Here is a link to what im experiencing, game does not open :(, please devs what can i do.

  • I downloaded the game yesterday and i made a post asking for help on how to make the launcher work, when i click on play, nothing happens game does not open, no pop ups no, game error nothing, i wonder what can i do, please i want to play this game.

  • Hi piink, can you email me please? It's something important (not related to my game issues).

  • hello please for how long the upgrade will end

  • No puedo entrar al juego, me dice conectar y despues sale que la conexion fallo. Alguna ayuda?

  • hola, el juego esta en mantenimiento? intento iniciar y me sale error de coneccion de los servidores, no se porque , soy nuevo recien vine a descargarlo y ni jugar puedo.

  • Hi , do u know why i can see only North America server? Im from Hungary and want to play on eu serv

  • Hi, any idea how long will be the server closed? Is it under maint?

  • ¿Maso menos cuando volvera a estar ON el servidor de South America ?

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    1. how long it's going to take maintanance?
  • Howe long will it take before i can log in game . server is still not working

  • howe long til we can login server dont load

  • Si pudieras contactar conmigo me seria de mucha ayuda

  • when do you start the server?